OCRE Test-Suite for cloud validation - CERN

This tool is intended to be used to test and validate commercial cloud services across the stack for research and education environments. This Test-Suite is being used as a validation tool for commercial cloud services procurement in OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) project sponsored by the European Commission.

More information at: http://ocre-project.eu.

Please find the the repository here: https://github.com/cern-it-efp/OCRE-Testsuite

The test-suite executes four main steps:

  1. Infrastructure provisioning: VMs are created using Terraform and then Kubernetes and Docker are installed on them to create a k8s cluster.
  2. Deploy the tests: Kubernetes resource definition files (YAML) are used to deploy the tests, either as single pods or deployments.
  3. Harvest results: at the end of each test run a result file -written in JSON- is created. This file is stored locally.
  4. Through a verification system, the Test-Suite can also be triggered from a service running at CERN. In this case, results are then pushed to a S3 Bucket at CERN.

The test set described below is based on the tests used in Helix Nebula The Science Cloud PCP project funded by the European Commission.

The developers would like to thank to all test owners and contributors to this project.

This test-suite has been tested on:

Python 3
Linux distros Ubuntu, Centos, Coreos, Debian, RedHat, Fedora
OS running on provider’s VMs Centos7
Exoscale (Cloudstack)
CERN Private Cloud (OpenStack)
Cloudscale (OpenStack)

The test suite is being tested in several additional cloud providers. As tests are concluded the cloud providers names will be added in the table above.


For more information contact ignacio.peluaga.lozada AT cern.ch


Copyright (C) CERN.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License along with this program. If not, see gnu.org/licenses.